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Yes, legit and great website. I was a little concerned about falling for scammers and receiving a doll that didn’t like the pictures on the site. I received my doll last week; she is just like the photos. I now have a partner who I would never leave, and although there was a small issue with delivery, the service provided helpful support.100% legit business. What a pleasure to welcome the new year with my adorable doll. I know 2023 will be excellent! Thanks

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Yes, the customer service is very helpful. I made a mistake, and my doll ended being sent in a different place. but the support service helped me avoid losing my package; everything is fine now. For the price, this doll is manufactured very well. The customer support is quick to respond when problems are discovered, they nonetheless take care of you and offer helpful advice. Many thanks to the seller for their fantastic service. I advise doing business with them.

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Yes, A++++ site for sex dolls. I was anxious the entire time because this was my first sex doll. Fortunately, you were there for me when I needed you the most with your customer service. The doll has been with me for about two months, and I can’t think of anything I don’t like about her. I also purchased a couple wigs so that she could occasionally change her appearance. The entire process—from ordering to delivery—was quick, and your staff kept me informed at every step of the way. Unlabeled packaging is excellent for maintaining anonymity. Continue your wonderful effort!

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Yes, great product and arrived fast, I Recommend! I received my doll in good shipping time. She was packed carefully and well. Inside the container, was just what I’d imagined. I took her out of the box as shown on YouTube and put her together, dressed her an sat her looking at me. My first thought was, “she’s amazing, wicked cute!” She is very beautiful, no regrets to buy this doll, a little addicted, once a day.

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Yes, the Seller was kind, polite, respectful, I would definitely buy from them again. Shipping was perfection as well, no damage done to box nor the contents. I gave 5 stars because the seller was spot on with answers, the product was just as I had requested, the shipping was fast, and the seller was willing to help me with any changes I requested to the doll as in eye color or wig color. The response time from the seller was amazing.

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Yes, I will recommend it to any of my friends if they interested in this sort of product. Completely Satisfied, Awesome, Very Happy, Great Seller, Awesome Product!!! Got this for my play partner. He loves it. Looks and feels like the real thing because it is molded from a real person. Easy to clean and doesn’t have an odd smell like some toys. If you want the sex, there she is. It’s perfect! The doll is the same as the picture!