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Yes, this is a legit and safe platform. I already have other silicone dolls, but I can tell that TPE and silicone are truly pretty comparable, but TPE is still less expensive. I bought this doll, and it was a terrific investment. I really enjoyed the doll, and the customer support staff was excellent so I agreed to review this doll after being asked to do so. Overall, I like my doll. Having sex with her is great! I’m already thinking of getting another.

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Yes, well worth it. My first sex doll, came across this item after a long night of doing drug and couldn’t sleep! She came just as described, very soft and realistic like. Both holes are nice and gave me a lot of pleasure. The breast!! feel so real!! This doll, whether it is face or body, all with Barbie doll exactly the same, too realistic. Doll quality is good, the price is affordable, will continue to buy.

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Yes, it is safe to purchase here. I purchased my hubby this doll as a birthday present. My spouse was astonished and fell in love with her right away. She is as realistic as it can possibly be in every way! A sex doll, in my opinion, may undoubtedly improve any marriage. After all, it’s better to play together than have your husband cheating you. A fantastic product! Fast shipping! Unlabeled packaging is excellent for maintaining anonymity. Continue your wonderful effort!

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